Braun 5 5190cc Electric Razor Review

Braun Series 5 5190cc Electric Shaver

Nowadays hundreds of best men’s electric shavers and trimmers are available on the market. And everyone is challenging each other in term of features. But today we are going to unveil some facts & figures related to the series 5 51900cc model. This machine is a little monster because it offers the best smooth, comfy, & secure shave without any irritation.

The vendor Braun claims that there is no beard which this machine can easily trim and shave. No matter if you have the hardest and stubborn hairs of beard. The product looks slim & smart with the modern texture & metallic look but that we recommended don’t go to the look of the machine just wait & watch, read the features & satisfaction level of buyers.

The machine is equipped with the intelligent AutoSensing device which can easily detect the density of beard in order to provide efficient shave on each strike. Moreover, it also consists of a flexible and moving head which is capable of moving in 8 different directions & can easily capture hairs even from the hard to reach areas. You have to option to choose any best braun electric shaver of you can go through all the brands of best electric shavers to pick the top one.

Features of Braun Series 5 5190cc Electric Shaver

AutoSensing Motor – The machine is equipped with the AutoSensing technology which easily sense the density of the motor in order to provide smooth close shave.

8-directional Comfort Head – The head of the Braun Electric Shaver Series 5 5190cc offers 8 directional shaving with wide angled which is enough to cut short & long hairs.

Two SensoFoil Blades – The Braun Shaver series 5 5190 product consists of 899 unique apertures and offer the close shave 0.058mm. Altogether it offers the perfect skin protection for close & smooth shave.

Waterproof – The product is 110% waterproof that’s why feel free to use it under the running tap water or while showering. It is 110% waterproof up to 5 meters.

Compatible with wet & dry shave – The shaver is capable to offer dry or wet shave. You are at liberty to use it with gel, foam, soap, water or take it with you while bathing. Because the product is 100% waterproof.

Pop-up Trimmer – It also consist of a precision trimmer which can easily trim the sideburns & mustaches.

Long run with Short Time Charging – The machine consists of Li-Ion Battery which is capable to serve the user with long running time under single charge. With 1 hour charging it offers 50min consistent running.

Final Verdicts

If you are looking for high quality shave then the Braun Series 5, 5190cc is the best product for you to buy. The product is enriched with the premium features which are keep on amusing the users for long. If you don’t have any budget issue and you like high quality grooming tools then this product is best for you. Grab it now.

  • Offers wet & dry shave.
  • Long Running Time.
  • Quick charging system
  • Auto Sensing Motor.
  • 8-directional head movement.
  • 2 SensoFoil blades.
  • A bit expensive in term of price.

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